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“I’ve treated veterans with PTSD. It’s time to make them eligible for the Purple Heart.”

A psychiatrist from Stanford University School of Medicine,  Nathaniel P. Morris, writes in the Washington Post that veterans with PTSD should receive Purple Hearts just as physically wounded veterans do. PTSD afflicts as many as one in five veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and of course is common among survivors of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center […]

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Koenig Sphere moving to WTC Liberty Park, Port Authority says

The 25-ton bronze Koenig Sphere, a sculpture badly damaged in the terrorist attacks of September 11 is coming to the World Trade Center site — but not to its original home on the Memorial Plaza, where it remains unwanted, writes Irene Plagianos in DNA Info. Before year’s end, the beloved Sphere  will be moved to the new Liberty Park, an elevated park atop the Vehicle […]

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Street renaming for Court Officer Theodore Leoutsakos, who died of site-related illness

City Council approved a number of new street renamings last Thursday. One of them is for a member of the September 11th community, reports Christopher Barca in the Queens Chronicle. The corner of 29th Street and 21st Avenue will be named for Court Officer Theodore Leoutsakos who died of World Trade Center-related pancreatic cancer years after […]

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