World Trade Center beam to be used in Greenville 9/11 memorial

Josh Allsopp and Jess Raatz, WFIE

GREENVILLE, KY –  A massive beam came to Greenville from the 91st floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower, which is about where the second plane hit [sic – the first plane hit the North Tower] on September 11.

After 900 miles of driving the beam finally arrived early Friday morning with plans of making it into a landmark memorial on the Greenville downtown square.

Greenville Fire Chief Jerry Aders spent four years working with the New York City Port Authority making it his mission to bring part of the 9/11 tragedy to Kentucky.

“I lost over 300 over my brothers and sisters that day, says Aders. “This will show the people of New York that Kentucky has always thought about them since day one.”

The final design for the monument has not been decided but they do want to unveil the finished product next year on July 4th.

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