Malverne veteran, firefighter, 9/11 family member Peter Regan to be honored on 9/11 at Citi Field

When the Mets play on September 11, 2018, they will honor a veteran, as they do at every home game. Tuesday’s Veteran of the Game will be Peter Regan, FDNY firefighter, U.S. Marine, and Iraq veteran. Regan’s father, FF Donald Regan of Rescue 3, was killed in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

“I think most veterans try to stay low-key,” he said. “You always ask yourself, ‘Why me? Is there a more [prominent] veteran?’ You don’t want to be the one because there’s thousands of us, but to be considered makes me very appreciative, and it’s a wonderful thing,” he told Nakeem Grant of the Long Island Herald. “It’s a day to recognize and remember,” Regan said, “and if I could bring my small piece to this event, where people see me as a veteran and a family member of someone who was killed in 9/11, I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

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