Long Island community comes together to help retired NYPD officer pay for cancer treatment

After a life dedicated to helping people, retired NYPD Officer Scott Blackshaw, 52, has been diagnosed with terminal brain and spinal cancer stemming from his work during the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

His many friends in his hometown of Huntington Station, Long Island have gathered around to help and support him in return for the many kindnesses he has done, reports Esha Ray for the New York Daily News. They’ve helped financially for experimental treatments not covered by insurance or the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, and with practical tasks — even dog walking.

Blackshaw was first diagnosed with site-related esophageal cancer in April 2015, which was treated by removal of much of his esophagus and stomach. The cancer reoccurred in his brain in 2016. Two more cancer diagnoses followed, most recently that of the rare complication leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a spreading of cancer to the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and brain.

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