Judge will allow BASE jumpers to visit 1 World Trade Center prior to trial

Shayna Jacobs New York Daily News

The trio of BASE jumpers who leaped from One World Trade Center in 2013 will be able to visit their 1,776-foot crime scene, a Manhattan judge said Tuesday.

Lawyers for Andrew Rossig, Marko Markovich and James Brady—who took a flying leap off the tower in 2013—asked for roof access in advance of the May trial to prove they didn’t jump from inside of the building, which would expose them to burglary charges.

Justice Charles Solomon said he would sign an order forcing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to allow some of the defense team, including at least one skydiver, to return to the roof.

Prosecutor Joseph Giovannetti objected to the BASE jumpers’ return to 1 WTC—even though he has personally toured the top of the 104-story tower himself.

Lawyers for the group, which also includes “lookout” Kyle Hartwell, have said the burglary charge—the top count—is misapplied because the jumpers were not indoors when the act occurred.

Rossig’s lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, assured Solomon there would be no client funny business for the experienced daredevils.

“I would consent to them searching my client to make sure that he’s not carrying a parachute,” Parlatore said.

A trial date has been set for May 18.

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