Former terror suspect with 17 ­aliases who got a job at Heathrow Airport with access to the runway and baggage handling areas after bosses failed to conduct background checks

A career criminal suspected of terrorist activities recently got a job at Heathrow Airport with access to runways and aircraft, reports Keiran Southern in the Daily Mail.

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamud, 31, has an 11-year criminal record. Two terror charges against him were dropped for insufficient evidence. He is on Britain’s sex offenders’ register after a 2015 conviction for sexual assault, and has served time for robbery, assault, and other crimes.

Mohamud bragged about his access to planes and luggage and said no background check was performed on him.

He worked at the airport for five days, taking photos of his access. He then spoke to the press, claiming he wanted to expose the poor security at Heathrow. He has been fired and no longer has access.

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