Fighting for his life, a September 11 firefighter shares an important message

FDNY Firefighter Steven Pascale is battling stage 3 kidney cancer. He has a message for anyone who was near World Trade Center site after the attacks of September 11, 2001 — get tested for cancer and other site-related sicknesses.

“My mission is simply to warn others of the possibility of having health issues hidden inside, even though you’re feeling otherwise fine and non-symptomatic like I was. I consider myself extremely lucky that my cancer was found and I want to do my part to help someone else who may not be aware, like I was.” Pasquale told Gracelyn Santos of the Staten Island Advance. “If there’s anyone out there who was around the WTC site, please consider being proactive and going for one of those full body scans.”

“This is my small attempt to spread the word that an annual physical may not be enough. Take the next step, get scanned and make sure that hopefully, you’re ok.”

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