FDNY firefighter who fell in love with woman K-9 handler after meeting her at Ground Zero proposes 17 years later on the anniversary of 9/11

Firefighter David O’Neal and K-9 handler Missy Epperson met in the rubble of the World Trade Center. Seventeen years later, he proposed on the anniversary of the terrorist attack.

They kept in touch online over the years, but did not meet in person until this summer.

David told reporter Chris Dyer of the Daily Mail, “I wanted to get engaged on 9/11 to turn it into a happy day. I wish I had married her onsite 17 years ago.”

Missy said, “We’re going to get married on the 9/11 anniversary next year. …We’ve been through a lot of bad times – but from now on, together, it’ll just be good times.”

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