East Bridgewater: Town trying to get 9/11 memorial for fallen Secret Service agent

Samantha Tracey, WATD

East Bridgewater is making efforts to receive a metal section of the World Trade Center for a 9/11 memorial in honor of Craig Miller, the only Secret Service agent who died that day.

Joel Thomas, Chair of the World Trade Center Memorial Committee for the Kiwanis Club in town, said Miller was a resident of East Bridgewater.

About 18 months ago, Thomas came up with the idea to do this.

“I went by West Bridgewater’s Fire Station and I saw their piece of steel out there and I said, ‘gee, why don’t we have one, we have a victim’,” Thomas said, “We decided to form a committee and pursue it…we got the father and brother of Craig Miller involved. They still live in town here.”

After gaining Board of Selectmen approval Monday night, the town will now send a letter of endorsement to Port Authority of New York New Jersey (PANYNJ).

“Within the last four months I’ve had a couple of conversations with people that have told us that we have been approved, [but] we need to wait for the written approval before it’s official,” Thomas said.

Once approved, Thomas said they will get the section and put it out to bid for design work.

The Committee hopes the memorial can be located on the Town Common.

“There’ll be some kind of a plaque on it: ‘To United States Secret Service Agent Craig Miller and all the victims of the World Trade Center disaster,’ so that it is not honoring just one person on the Common, because the Common is for everybody,” Thomas said.

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