Bridgeport musician rides the rails to Broadway hit “Come from Away”

Joe Meyers of the CT Post spoke with Carl Carter, a Connecticut-based musician who has been playing bass — both electric and acoustic for  the hit musical Come from Away. Come from Away tells a story of kindness, of the people in a small town in Newfoundland took in 39 jets filled with stranded people on September 11, 2001 when terrorism caused US airspace to be shut down.

The eight musicians in the show are onstage throughout the musical, which plays without an intermission on a minimalistic set.

“I’m still having a blast after almost two years. The music is challenging, which means you don’t get bored … ever. We’re part of the story because we are always playing. I’ve talked to crew members who have worked in the theater for 30 years and they say they’ve never been a part of anything like it,” Carter said.

He says of the spirit of Come from Away, “it reminds us of who we should be and that we all need to pay it forward.”

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