9/11 survivors upset latest legislation doesn’t include $3B for World Trade Center health program funding gap

After years, the “Fairness for 9/11 Families Act” has been passed by the House of Representatives (although it still needs to pass in the Senate), finally bringing the possibility of justice to a long-overlooked group. Many people in the September 11th community are wondering why the House completely ignored the $3 billion shortfall in the 9/11 healthcare fund, reports Michael McAuliff for the New York Daily News. 

The World Trade Center Health Program will have no funding by 2026 and will be unable to pay for new cases of World Trade Center illness much sooner than that. which provides care and monitoring for some 118,000 people exposed to the toxins of Ground Zero, is facing a $3 billion deficit and will run out of funds by 2026.

Politicians make promises and blame one another for the failure rather than working to rectify the problem.

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