33 Names Added to the Police Memorial Wall

Thirty-three new names have been added to the Police Memorial in Battery Park City, reported NYPD News. One of these, Sergeant Paul J. Tuozzolo, was shot and killed in the line of duty. The other 32 all died of site-related illnesses from their work during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

They are –

Assistant Chief Michael V. Quinn Executive Officer, OCCB; Captain Peter L. Pischera Detective Borough Bronx; Lieutenant Rebecca A. Buck Internal Affairs Bureau; Lieutenant Luis A. Lopez 30 Precinct; Lieutenant Robert D. Rice Narcotics Borough Brooklyn North; Lieutenant Kenneth W. Rosello Gang Division; Lieutenant Marci Simms 107 Precinct; Sergeant Supervisor Detective Gerard T. Beyrodt Midtown North Detective Squad; Sergeant Michael J. Galvin Intel Operations and Analysis Section; Sergeant Charles R. Gunzelman Transit District 23; Sergeant Wayne A. Jackson Narcotics Division Bronx South Initiative; Sergeant Edmund P. Murray Transit District 3; Sergeant Louis R. Pioli 61 Precinct;  Sergeant Jacqueline C. Schaefer Risk Management Bureau Quality Assurance Division; Detective First Grade Joseph A. Cavitolo Office of the Deputy Commissioner Public Information; Detective First Grade James W. Monahan 48 Precinct Detective Squad; Detective First Grade Andrew L. Siroka Department of Investigation Squad; Detective Second Grade Leroy Dixon 83 Precinct Detective Squad; Detective Second Grade Ronald A. Richards Counterterrorism Bureau Bomb Squad; Detective Aslyn A. Beckles Internal Affairs Bureau; Detective Annetta G. Daniels Internal Affairs Bureau; Detective Michael K. Davis Counterterrorism Division; Detective Charles G. Gittens, Jr. Intel Executive Protection Unit; Detective Michael E. Glazer Narcotics Borough Brooklyn North; Police Officer James A. Betso 23 Precinct; Police Officer Otto R. Espinoza 106 Precinct; Police Officer Alexander Figueroa Transit District 3; Police Officer Deborah A. Garbutt-Jeff Strategic Response Group 1; Police Officer Matthew J. Gay Midtown North Precinct; Police Officer Demetrias Hopkins Brooklyn Court Section; Police Officer Charles M. Karen 73 Precinct; and Police Officer Kenneth W. Wolf Citywide Traffic Task Force.

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