Destruction of Green Bay’s 9/11 monument finally taking place

Green Bay Wisconsin’s 9/11 memorial has been an embarrassment for years. The names are illegible, it is falling apart, and there are inaccuracies. It is finally coming down, reports Paul Srubas for Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Since 2005, the memorial has stood in front of the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay. A piece of metal from the World Trade Center has been moved to inside the Green Bay Police Department, but city officials unanimously voted for the memorial’s deaccession.

“I was just out there Monday, and, holy cow, is that in bad shape,” said Green Bay Alderman Randy Scannell. “They were using duct tape on it.
It’s horrible, and as long as we don’t do anything, it’s in shameful condition, and as long as we leave it like that, the shame is on us.”

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