World Trade Center & Koenig Sphere subject of unusual print

By Khristi Zimmeth The Detroit News

Dan McGraw of Clarkston with his World Trade Center artwork. Photo: Robin Buckson, The Detroit News

Dan McGraw of Clarkston with his World Trade Center artwork. Photo: Robin Buckson, The Detroit News

From 1994 through 2008, Dan McGraw of Clarkston owned a framing store in downtown Rochester. Among his customers, he told Trash or Treasure in a letter, was the renowned architectural firm Yamasaki and Associates, well known for work on New York’s World Trade Center.

“I did various framing services for them and dry mounting of drawings,” McGraw remembers. “Senior architect Henry Guithard and I became friends and would often talk about the complications of constructing a large project such as the WTC. Henry was devastated by its destruction. Several months after September 11, I asked him if I could have something from the WTC, perhaps a blueprint drawing. A few days later, Henry gave me this beautiful copy of a drawing by Carlos Diniz, which had been given to him by Yamasaki himself.”

The print has at its centerpiece Fritz Koenig’s “The Sphere,” which became recognized as the centerpiece between the World Trade Center’s two towers, according to McGraw, who supplied the following background information.

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Imprisoned terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui wants to testify in Oklahoma City federal court

By Nolan Clay The Oklahoman

OKLAHOMA CITY — An admitted al-Qaida terrorist who is in prison for the 9/11 attacks is asking to testify in Oklahoma City federal court about alleged plots to shoot down Air Force One and to assassinate former President Bill Clinton.

Zacarias Moussaoui took flight lessons at a Norman flight school in 2001 as part of his plan to pilot a plane into a building, and he also is claiming that a Saudi prince assisted him in Norman in “my Islamic Terrorist activities” there in 2001.

“I am ready to testify about all the above and more in your court in an Open Hearing that I request,” he wrote by hand in a four-page pleading.

Moussaoui, 46, is serving a life sentence without the possibility of release at the federal Supermax penitentiary in Florence, Colorado. The French citizen often has been referred to in media accounts as “the 20th hijacker.”

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Sergeant Lawrence Guarnieri, PAPD

We have just learned of the death of Sergeant Lawrence Guarnieri of the Port Authority Police Department of site-related illness. Details will be given as soon as we have them.

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