A general’s new mission: leading a charge against PTSD

Brig. Gen. Donald C. Bolduc commands American Special Operations Forces in Africa. He is a Green Beret, has completed eight tours of combat, survived a helicopter crash and bombings. He has PTSD and a brain injury. And he wants to reduce the stigma that such injuries can have and get treatment for those like him reports Dionne Searcey in The Saturday Profile of the New York Times. 

Bolduc didn’t seek help for 12 years, which is common.

“The powerful thing is that I can use myself as an example,” he said. “And thank goodness not everybody can do that. But I’m able to do it, so that has some sort of different type of credibility to it.”

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Shoppers’ horror at 9/11 frock on sale at east London market

A dress covered in large illustrations of the World Trade Center burning was found on sale for £5.00 at an east London market stall this week.

Shoppers at the Chrisp Street Market in Poplar posted photos of the offensive item online, writes Jamie Bullen in the Evening Standard (London).

The owner of the stall was horrified and said he had not realized what he was selling, as he bought the dress as part of a job lot.  Jaspir Bhatti told the Sun “There is no way I would sell that, I’m so horrified. I couldn’t even give this to charity. I’m absolutely shocked, it’s just the wrong thing to do — it’s terrifying,” and gave the dress to the newspaper to be destroyed.

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A new model for pancreatic cancer clinical research

Twelve hospitals, including NYC’s Memorial Sloan Kettering, have been chosen to participate in the new pancreatic cancer treatment model known as Precision Promise. This clinical trial, due to start in spring of 2017, will find the right treatment for each patient. Participants will be able to participate in many different substudies of various experimental treatments, as their tumors’ shift, reports Susan Keown of Fred Hutch News Service.

The launch of Precision Promise “is a huge moment,” said Dr. Vincent Picozzi, pancreatic cancer specialist at Virginia Mason Medical Center. “If it works out the way we hope, it will completely change how pancreatic cancer research as a whole is pursued nationwide.”

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