Pa. Members of Congress Must Come to the Rescue of Ground Zero Workers

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They did their duty and paid an awful price.

Years after the fires at Ground Zero stopped smoldering, the rescue and recovery workers who breathed in the toxins there fell ill by the thousands.

Then, belatedly, Congress did its duty. It wasn’t until 201 1 that the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, to provide medical care and financial support for those who answered the call, became law.

The program runs out at the end of 2016 and must be renewed for another five years. Read More »

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WTC’s Liberty Plaza Finally Starts to Look Like a Park

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The new St. Nicholas will sit in Liberty Park.

The new St. Nicholas will sit in Liberty Park.

Liberty Park doesn’t look like much, and that’s because it’s not much—at least yet, with its handful of trees. After years of planning, the greenery is finally arriving at a roughly acre-large site bounded by Liberty, West, Cedar, and Greenwich streets, just south of the plaza’s reflecting pools, the Times reports.

The elevated park will cover the top of a 25-foot-high entrance to the World Trade Center’s vehicle security area.

With the park will eventually come Calatrava’s St. Nicholas National Shrine, which will rise on the site of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church that was lost on September 11.

Liberty Park platform, posted on May 4, 2015, via WTC Progress.

Liberty Park platform, posted on May 4, 2015, via WTC Progress.

The elevated, linear park will provide a footbridge between Battery Park City and the Financial District, and also have ramps for easy access. When complete, the $50 million green space will have 54 trees and room for people to sit and reflect, according to the chairwoman of Community Board 1’s quality-of-life committee.

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9/11 survivor Ram Singal recalls lucky escape

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Ram Singal is a 9/11 survivor. He was on the 64th floor of the 110-story North Tower of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York City when Al Qaeda-affiliated hijackers flew a Boeing 767 into the high-rise early on September 11, 2001.

Singal, a civil engineer who migrated to the US from India’s Punjab province in 1977, was employed by an agency that worked for the Port Authority of New York.  He was in the Authority’s office on the 64th floor of the North Tower when the plane hit it at 8.46am. He said he had come to office on that fateful morning at 7.30am.

Ram Singal  Picture credit Salim Matramkot

Ram Singal  Picture credit Salim Matramkot

“There was a loud thud and the whole tower began shaking. My chair moved to one side. I thought it was a quake,” Singal said, recalling the worst terrorist attack in human history so far. Read More »

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