How an FDNY fireboat that rescued 9/11 survivors lives on

John D. McKean, a 56-year-old FDNY retired fireboat, will be a museum soon.

On September 11, 2001, the John D. McKean brought more than 200 people from New York City to safety in New Jersey. The boat also helped evacuate US Airways Flight 1549 — “Sully’s” plane that landed in the Hudson in 2009.

Its new home is just north of the Tarrytown Lighthouse in Sleepy Hollow.

Mackenzie Dawson talks to its new owners in the NY Post.

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New therapies are evolving for peripheral neuropathy

Marilyn Fenichel reports in Cure Today that chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy can be helped by exercise and neurofeedback. Perhaps the peripheral neuropathy that is plaguing many World Trade Center recovery workers can also be alleviated by these methods.

Peripheral neuropathy affects the nerves associated with sensation and muscle control in the arms and legs, causing numbness, balance issues and pain. Strength and coordination can also be affected.

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San Angelo’s September 11 Memorial renovation progressing

Rebuilding plans for San Angelo’s September 11 memorial, which was vandalized earlier this year, are moving forward.

The piece of World Trade Center steel was stolen from the memorial and has not been recovered. Another piece of steel has been donated to the memorial, provided that security at the monument is improved, reported Rashda Khan in the San Angelo News.

The memorial committee is working to raise $16,000 for repairs, lighting and security.

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