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Alleged September 11 plotters get choice: Go to court or meet with Red Cross

On December 9, 2015, Carol Rosenberg wrote in the Miami Herald “The military judge in the September 11 trial [Guantanamo Bay Navy Base, Cuba] inabruptly canceled pretrial hearings for the morning on Wednesday after lawyers announced that some of the accused terrorists were told to choose between meeting with International Red Cross delegates or going to court.” VERBATIM […]

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Nativity Scene Pays Tribute to Fallen Firefighters of September 11th Attacks

A Staten Island nativity scene pays special tribute to the firefighters murdered in the September 11th attacks of 2001. The Solidarity Creche at Casa Belvedere was given to the FDNY by the Naples Chamber of Commerce after the attacks. The Solidarity Creche is a handmade, 120-piece Nativity in which the three kings carry firefighters’ helmets. An article […]

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New Law Guarantees All Military Working Dogs Retirement on U.S. Soil

“Tucked inside a massive defense bill signed two weeks ago was a provision that will allow U.S. military dogs to return to the United States after their retirement overseas. Previously, these working dogs were ineligible for military transport home to the U.S., and soldiers who wanted to adopt their canine colleagues had an extremely difficult […]

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