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JFK allowed passengers to exit without going through Customs

For the second time since November, 2015, passengers on an international flight landing at JFK  were allowed to leave the airport without going through Customs, write Victoria Bekiempis and Denis Slattery in the January 25, 2016 edition of the Daily News. The TSA and US Customs and Border Protections did not answer the Daily News‘ request for comments.

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Insurers sue bin Ladens for $4bn over 9/11

On January 25, 2016, Dan Ascher writes in The Insurance Insider that “[M]ore than 50 insurers have brought a $4bn case against a number of companies accused of providing financing and assistance to the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. The defendants include the Saudi bin Ladin Group – a construction conglomerate founded by Osama bin Laden’s father […]

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9/11 bomb plot suspect had mental illness history

AP January 25 Joshua Goldberg, 20, is accused of helping an undercover FBI agent posing as a terrorist plan a bombing at a 9/11 commemoration. An article by the Associated Press on January 25, 2016 states that Goldberg has a  history of mental illness. Goldberg is charged with distributing information relating to explosives and weapons of […]

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