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United Airlines scrambles after cockpit codes are accidentally published online

United Airlines must change the cockpit access keypad codes after the original passwords were accidentally published online, reports Matthew Diebel in USA Today. The security violation did not cause a significant security problem, nor were any flights delayed or canceled because of the code leak. Airline spokespeople said that United uses other cockpit security measures in addition to the codes. […]

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What bin Laden documents reveal about al Qaeda

To watch the recent 60 Minutes report on al Qaeda, please click here.

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Osama bin Laden’s son calls for lone-wolf attacks on Americans and Jews in al Qaeda propaganda video

In a new propaganda video released this Saturday, the son of terrorist Osama bin Laden is calling for lone-wolf attacks against Americans in for vengeance for his father’s death writes Denis Slattery in the New York Daily News. He promises more attacks on Americans and Jews. Hamza bin Laden has been groomed to fill his father’s shoes, […]

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