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Hadar Goldin’s parents visit 9/11 memorial

The parents of Hadar Goldin, an IDF soldier whose body is being held by Hamas, visited the National 9/11 Memorial with the family of Nancy Morgenstern, who was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Arutz Sheva reported. Harvey and Jeffrey Morgenstern met Simcha and Leah Goldin at an event hosted by […]

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Vandal defaces the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and World War II Memorial with graffiti about JFK assassination and 9/11 over Presidents Day weekend

Someone has vandalized the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial over Presidents’ Day weekend report the Associated Press and Ariel Zilber of the Daily Mail. Experts have determined that the same person wrote graffiti in permanent marker on the stone of all three monuments. The messages are incoherent statements about the JFK assassination […]

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Security breach lets 11 people waltz onto flights without TSA screening

Early Monday morning 11 passengers walked unscreened through a TSA security checkpoint at Terminal 5 of JFK Airport, boarded planes and flew away. Three of them set off the metal detectors. TSA staff checked none of these passengers and waited two hours to report the security breach to Port Authority police, reports The Week. The TSA […]

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