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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: Still waiting after 15 years

Anna Sanders writes in the Staten Island Advance about the plight of “Group B” — those sick from 9/11 who have filed claims under last year’s reauthorization of the James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Fifteen years after the attack, many recovery workers and survivors of the attack are sick, as are local residents and students. Many still […]

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CNN Films acquires ‘9/11’

CNN Films said today it has acquired Jules and Gédéon Naudet’s  documentary 9/11 and will show it on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, writes Lisa de Moraes of Deadline Hollywood. They will add an introduction by Denis Leary and re-title the film 9/11 Fifteen Years Later. The “new” film will debut in the USA on CNN with limited commercial interruption, on Sunday, September 11, 2016, at […]

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Poll: 42 percent of Americans say they are less safe from terrorism than before 9/11

In the nearly 15 years since 2,973 people were murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. government has undertaken measures designed to prevent further attacks. Despite this, Adam Taylor of the Washington Post reports that 42% of Americans feel less safe than before 9/11 and 89% feel that terrorism will be part of life in the future. […]

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