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For 9/11 first responders, inadequate medical assistance an insult to heroism

Widow Margie Smith, center and her daughters, Christina, 24, right, and Maria, 13. left, watch as NYPD officers fold the flag from the casket of Harold J. Smith. His funeral was held at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Staten Island, N.Y. Smith, a Barnegat resident and a 9/11 first responder, died from cancer in March at 47. Smith was a retired New York Police Department sergeant who worked in the narcotics division on Staten Island. In addition to being on the scene at Ground Zero, he worked for months at a Staten Island landfill where rubble from the Twin Towers' was taken and sifted through Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger

By Bob Considine The Star-Ledger The street Margie Smith lives on is named after her late husband. The curb by her driveway is painted black and gold, for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Inside the cozy Barnegat rancher, there are countless pictures and memories of former NYPD officer Harold “Smitty” Smith. “One minute, you’re fine and […]

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9/11 Memorial World Trade Center

Rendering of 9/11 Memorial

The 10th anniversary ceremonies will open the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site. The ceremony is limited to victims’ family members and will follow the same program as previous years. Six moments of silence will mark when each building was hit, when each tower fell and recognize of the attacks at the Pentagon […]

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